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As the territories were divided by the Local Council’s Act of 1993, il-Mellieħa is relatively one of the largest localities in Malta. The locality of il-Mellieħa also includes the nearby village of Manikata. Both are characterised by a rural environment and today they are considered to be one of the best places where to live or spend one’s holidays.

The name il-Mellieħa most probably comes from the Punic or Roman period due to the presence of salt pans by the coast. It is known that in il-Mellieħa there existed some form of habitation from the Neolithic period (3000 B.C). Evidence of this is given by the various remains, graves, primitive tools and pottery found in different parts of the locality, primarily in a place known as ‘’il-Latnija’’ which was inhabited during the Stone Age

During the Roman and Byzantine occupation, the people used to live in the caves overlooking the valleys of il-Mellieħa. They used to till the soil irrigated with running water and bury their dead in rock hewn tombs. In medieval times and during the Arab period everything was deserted because of the continuous attacks by Muslim corsairs.
During the reign of the Order of St. John, the Sanctuary of Our Lady in Mellieħa was one of the most worshipped places on the island. It is documented that various important people like Grand Masters, kings and bishops had visited this sanctuary.